Global Service Jam, 2014

This time the dedicated 48 hours to save the world were from 7-9 March, 2014. Its been exactly a month now, I attended the jam. The event kicked off around 1800 hrs on Friday(7 March) with interactions via the same old ice-breaker game. Ice- breaker is interesting though but I find it boring now because I have been to ThoughtWorks, Pune a couple of times and I wasn’t amazed when I turned out to be the highest scorer in the game 😀 . I was jamming for the second time then and was great to meet Adi, host of the show and few of the jammers who turned up for the second time. So, we all started with the Secret Theme Video for Global Service Jam, 2014 which revealed the theme and that was:


After knowing the theme, each group started brain storming what this theme could be. One thing was for sure that each group’s ideas had something or the other to do with a ‘box’. The brainstorming session was the best part where everybody was coming up with the weirdest of stuff. So, this box could be a portable playground (for kids), could be a in-house party box, could be some game, could be flexible furniture, could be blah blah blah.. n number of ideas! The day 1 ended late night with loads of ideas but not the ‘one’ idea which we need to work on for the next two days 😀 . Day 2 onward each team starts with some research work on their respective ideas. So, one of the teams named their project as a^3 (A-Cube) which was kind of a game with a purpose. In short, A-cube is an innovative, fun and playful educational aid for educating young children, on social and behavioral issues that matter. Their prototype was too much of fun to play with, check out the video . Another group thought of coming up with a service and named their project as ATM+ ( All Time Medicine Plus). Atm+ is supposed to be a vending machine for medicines as well as first-aid material which will be available 24*7 at ATMs (so, the idea behind choosing ATM as the location to place the box was that we have an infrastructure in place along with security reasons). So, the team has an entertaining video and being a part of the making was too much of fun 😀 . The third group came up with ‘Flexi Furnitures’ where the idea was to have basic furniture which can be easily prepared and reuse the same for different purposes. Checkout their prototype video here.

 jam2atm jam3jam1

Day 3, everybody was busy wrapping up with their presentations as the showcase was scheduled at 5 in the evening. We continued work along with Pizzas(at lunch). Everybody presented their projects in the evening and we wrapped up the event! If you want to check out all the projects worked upon during this Jam, check link.

Clicks from the event:

jamming7   jamming6


“There is no substitute for jamming and getting to know each other on the road.”

                                                                                                                                           -Gary Cherone


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