Food at Pune

Pune offers you a variety of food which is more of a humble offering to set your mood right or has a food option that goes with your mood. There are a lot of food joints in the city which are really old and serve a kind of food. Check out some of the interesting food items at Pune in the list below 😉 I hope to explore more and add to this page.. The never ending connection with food.. !

  • Mango mastani is one of the lovable drinks at Sujata Mastani.
  • Chocolate Sandwich is another kind of a sandwich at Pune.
  • Are you crazy for chocolates and all set to take a diversion from the regular chocolate sandwich and go for a chocolate parantha.. drop in at Nandu’s Paranthas,Dhole Patil road.
  • A Maharashtrian drink.. Solkari. I cannot describe the taste though, but I liked it 😉 😛
  • Wanting to have Paranthas.. Chaitanya Parantha, FC road or Nandu’s parantha, Dhole Patil road is the place to go.
  • Sukanta, Deccan Gymkhana offers you decent vegetarian food.. they serve you the food with a lot of joy and you ‘ll get tired tasting the variety of food items they have.
  • Cafe chokolade is famous for it’s Cad B and Cad M drinks.


  • Pitle bhakri, another must have being in Maharashtra. You will find this at any Maharashtrian food outlet.
  • I never heard of anything called as ‘Bun maska’ before, you should prefer having that for breakfast though but you can drop anytime at Goodluck cafe, Pune.
  • Like momos? Check out the Momo’s stall opposite Radio Shack, Koregaon Park, Pune. (Reach before 7 p.m. else you ‘ll not find it!)
  • Burger at Burger King, Koregaon park or Burger Barn Cafe, Koregaon park.
  • Patiala lassi and Dal makhni is rare in Pune, but you can surely drop in at Punjabi Dhaaba, Viman Nagar to relish the taste of it.
  • German Bakery, Koregaon Park is another food outlet with a story.. try the “Dark rum bomb”, I am sure you would like it.
  • Being in Maharashtra, Puran Poli is not the item to miss out on.
  • Corn club, FC road has all the corn-filled items.
  • Kayani bakery, East Street, Camp is one of the oldest and famous bakeries in Pune, mawa cakes and cookies are really good out there.
  • One of the good halts for Pav bhaji,/Juice/Milk shakes is Juice World, East Street (MG Road).


Now, time to drive you to the streets of Pune..

  • ‘Vada Pav(Paav), dish native to Maharshtra..  at Vada pav stall near JJ Garden, Camp area.
  • Never before I heard of Sabut dana khichdi with kachori.. ah! that was different.
  • Not to forget ‘Vrindavan ice-cream’ stall, Deccan road.
  • New Poona bakery also offers you well baked stuff.
  • Chai- Poha! Punekars call it like this.. Nal stop, Pune is the place where you find people waiting for the shop to open at early 4 in the morning.
  • Supreme Sandwich offers you a sandwich  with a supreme taste, has all kinds of sandwiches(including chocolate 😛 )
  • Though Bread pakora is not what draws your attention but the one at Sonal Snacks, Ravivar Peth, Pune was worth having once.
  • And, matki bhel is another different snack food as compared to a regular bhel, you ‘ll see a lot of food outlets for the same at Pune-Bangalore highway.
  • For Faluda ice-cream, check out New Poona Cold Drinks House, and you ‘ll definitely like it!


 Some desserts..

  • Something which I nerve heard before was “Apple jalebi”, check out Sigri, Dhole Patil road.
  • Sitaphal with Cream is another dessert which rocks and you will find that at Juice World, East Street. Another similar dessert at the same place is ‘Fresh Mango with Cream’.
  • If you are a ‘Jalebi/ Jalebi with Rabdi’ fan, you must visit Kadhai, FC road.
  • Coconut, Mango flavor ice-cream at Natural Ice-Cream.