Fedora Activity Day, Pune 2014

Fedora Activity Day was held on 23 August, 2014 at Red Hat, Pune. This was the first Fedora event that I attended ever. The room where the event was planned was good enough for 20-25 people to have an interactive session. I walked to the event around 10 a.m and looked like people settled an hour before. I had no idea about FAD and its proceedings, so I spent the initial few hours looking around what people are upto and  how can I go about it. Ah, I could understand that the agenda was to test the upcoming Fedora 21 release. So, this looked interesting to me. People around had the F21 image locally so I did not have to bother about the time it would take to download the image but yeah setting up VM on my machine did involve some time. I started using the live image, just to skip the installation time involved. PJP took a session on DNSSEC. It was an informative session on the Default local DNS resolver and we did a hands-on on the same to see how it worked and report bugs if any. You can find more information about it on wiki page and PJP’s blog. This was followed by Pizzas at Lunch and sad to say that we were short of them because of wrong calculations(how many to order? 😛 ). Ah, I could see some picking up a Cup of Noodles and making it a happy meal :P. Some reported bugs found during the installation process and some had some suggestions regarding the default language selection(which I saw was Hindi). All the activities throughout the day were recorded on an etherpad page. Also, we were maintaining a scoreboard for each one of us filing bugs on BZ.

Later, Kashyap took a hand-on session on Virtual Machine snapshots. Though I never heard of snapshots before but yeah did hear from someone about Kashyap spinning VMs on the fly and was great to see how that worked using virsh. He said he preferred virt-builder for installing virtual machines and avoided the time consuming procedure. Nevertheless, things were faster the way he showed. It was a good learning at FAD, rest assured when I put those to use. I explored some sections such as Fedora QA, packaging and others to see where can I start( haven’t started yet 😛 ).The rains accompanied the day and made some of us stay back in the office till late while we played Pool and waited for the rain to stop. It was a small event though but had a good time all day chit chatting with people around and a little learning. I hope to start contributing to fedora now, showing up at FAD was my first step towards it.


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