Fedora Activity Day (Security), Pune

Fedora Activity Day(theme: Security) was conducted on Nov 1, 2014 at Red Hat, Pune. The event was of more relevance to Security folks as the idea was to triage the bugs related to Security in fedora. PJP started with a brief introduction to security and shared the link to security related bugs on irc #fedora-india. There were in total 8-9 folks who joined the FAD this time. Everyone started with Bug Triaging and there was a parallel scoreboard maintained on etherpad for counting the bugs each one picked up for which the results can be seen here -> FAD(Security).

There was a Docker meetup on the same day conducted parallely in the Cafeteria where around 30-40 attendees had turned up. The attendees were keen on knowing more about Docker. Navid being one of the organizers of the meetup looked overwhelmed with the response from the sessions.

This time at FAD, there was sponsored lunch unlike the last FAD(where we ran out of Pizza’s that we ordered). While being in the queue for lunch, Siddhesh on looking at the FUDCON t-shirt pointed out ‘the t-shirt determines your age’ which reflected how community folks can know about your experience. Post lunch, the Docker track had a hands on session whereas FAD participants continued with the same. Rupali turned up and gave some Fedora goodies(mugs and stickers) to be distributed among us. Throughout the day I picked up a couple of bugs, looked through, tried to understand and then gave up on them one by one, eventually ending up not adding myself as fst_owner to any of the bugs 😀 . The only contribution from my side could be this blog 😛 . For a more technical details about the event, you must read PJP’s event report on the same.

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