FOSSASIA, Singapore 2016

FOSSASIA is an annual conference which brings together open source enthusiasts from around the world. This was my second time to FOSSASIA and Singapore as well. Undoubtedly, the conference was awesome and so was Singapore!

Journey: The flight to Singapore isn’t that long, 5:30 hrs from Mumbai but it’s longer when you calculate the number of hours starting right from your place. That was clearly a tiring journey but without any jet lag. I landed in Singapore a day before the conference.

While I was flying!

Day 1:

The venue for FOSSASIA this time was Science Center which was pretty much an interesting place in itself. The registrations were pretty neat and the speakers badge gave access to the sessions and the entire Science Center for all the three days. Everyone headed to the Marqee Hall for the keynote and following sessions for the first half of the day. The welcome keynote was by Hong Phuc and Mario Behling. After that Harish Pillay shared some wise words under the title “A funny thing happened on my to the Science Center”. This was followed by a couple of talks in the same track and the one I remember was by Cat Allman on Science and Open Source program in Google. The lunch was pretty good and after the lunch everyone scattered in different tracks. I made my way to checkout the Science Center a bit and then moved to the Exhibition area. We also had the Red Hat booth, I spent some time there as well meeting fellow Red Hatters from the Singapore. I attended a few talks in the Dalton Hall including ‘Managing a healthy github community’ by Mike McQuaid and the one on systemd by Lennart Poettering. Also, went for the talk on ‘Comparing Containers and Virtualization’ by Amit Shah. Day 1 was pretty good, there was a Pub crawl scheduled at end of the day for everyone though I skipped that and went for a night safari 😉 . The night safari tram ride was truly incredible and worth it. I treated myself with some good food at dinner and that was it for Day 1. The next day, I had my talk scheduled too. 😉

That’s Harish Pillay sharing what happened on his way to the Science Center
The busiest guy at Science Center!

Day 2:

My workshop was scheduled at 3 p.m on Day 2. Other than the talks, there was a group photo shoot too before the lunch. There were a series of lightening talks in the Dalton Hall post lunch where some of the GSoC students shared their journey or talked about their projects. After that I moved to the hall where my workshop was scheduled at 3. There were a decent number of people who turned up for the workshop. The workshop was on ‘Jenkins Job Builder’ and was completely hands-on where all the attendees were able to write Jenkins Job Builder configurations and create jobs on a public jenkins instance. I ‘d done a bit of setup for everyone to use. Coming down to the internet, which was the most important thing for my workshop, didn’t work! But, I used the data from my phone and so did everyone else at my workshop, anyway the workshop was a success as people could learn a bit of it. My slides for the workshop are here and the github for the basic JJB configurations is here. In the evening, we had the social event at roof top Newton Hall and the view was fantastic 😉 . We had live barbecue, drinks and one of them also got some home brewed beer! Lots of interactions with a lot of people, did some salsa moves towards the end and headed back to my place by 10 pm. Day 2 was fantastic!

 My picture with Cat Allman and Stephanie Taylor
The guy who got home brewed beer 😉
Live barbecue at the Social event

Day 3:

Day 3 was relaxing with fewer talks scheduled and some of them were workshops for long hours. I spent some time at the Red Hat booth talking to a bunch of people and let more people know about the ‘Women in Open Source Award’. Towards the end of the day, I attended an interesting workshop on WebAudio School by Chinmay. It was a self-guided tutorial where you could create your own music, you can go ahead and try on the link too. Also, how can I forget the interesting conversation I had with Mike McQuaid from Github while he was at Github booth and gave me a bunch of cute github stickers which are the new members to my wall of stickers at my workplace. Next up was the closing ceremony which was very informal and heart warming. Hong Phuc thanked each and every person who contributed in making the conference a success and a bunch of other people (including the kids) shared their experiences. Biding a good bye to everyone is a little sad, though at the last, I made connections with a few more people. It was so nice to meet everyone and especially Hong Phuc and Mario. That was the last day at the conference and Science center but not in Singapore, I had a day more to explore the city around. Thank you FOSSASIA and Red Hat for such an incredible experience this year.Looking forward to the next year 🙂

Red Hat booth
github stickers 😉 *i got those*
Closing ceremony! FOSSASIA ’16 comes to an end!




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  1. Very interesting. Anisha you write quite well. I am very happy to note it. Keep it up. But it seems that you do not write often. Write more frequently. Blogging is a very good medium. I also write a blog and you can see it at the link I have just sent a post yesterday. Lots of love and best wishes – Naana.

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