DevConf.CZ, Brno 2020

DevConf.CZ is a free and Red Hat sponsored community conference for developers, admins, DevOps engineers, Quality Engineers(I am one of them!), documentation writers and other contributors to open source.

This was the 12th edition of DevConf.CZ whereas we have also been having DevConf.US and DevConf India editions too for the past three years. If you are interested to attend one of those then you might want want to stay tuned here.

I had a chance to attend DevConf. CZ this time(January 24-26, 2020) as a speaker and I am happy that my talk was received very well.

What did I talk about?

The title for my session was ‘API Testing 101’s: Quick and Easy‘. It mainly covered introduction to REST API, how to go about testing REST API, introduction to an interesting test framework in python named ‘lemoncheesecake‘ and how this framework let’s you generate some awesome test reports. You can find the slide-deck here.

Here is the recording of my talk:

If you ended up watching the full video, thank you! Do let me know if you had some good takeaways and learned something. 🙂

I took a few live notes while I was at the conference and here are those notes with timestamp:

Journey [7:00 pm CET, 23 Jan 2020]: 

I started from my place around 9:00 pm IST to reach Delhi Airport on time as my flight was scheduled for 2:05 am. The flight got delayed by an hour because of the bad weather(fog) which resulted in late arrival at Zurich airport. I had a layover at Zurich for an hour and a connecting flight to Prague. But unfortunately, I missed the connecting flight because of the delay and thankfully airlines got me on another flight to Prague scheduled for 5 hours later. I took my scheduled flight and landed in Prague around 2:30 pm local time. My bus to Brno had anyway reached Brno without me and I had to figure out my own way. So, I took the Airport Express to reach the Praha Hlavni Nadrazi(Prague Main train station) and then took another train by ‘Cesky Drahy’ for Brno. I nearly took me 24 hours to reach Brno.

Lessons learned from the travel: Never trust the one hour layover, minimum 2:00 to 3:00 hours layover is advisable. Always arrive a day or two before the event.

Day 1 [10:00 pm, 24 Jan 2020]:


  • The state of Container Security‘ by Daniel Walsh: All attendees took an oath at the beginning of his talk “I will say Container Images and not Docker images” for the fun part of it. 😉 If it’s your first time to DevConf, don’t miss out on talks by Daniel Walsh.
  • Dev/Testing challenges with Micro-services and CD”: All the challenges mentioned were legit and the speakers talked about some good points for improving Dev QE collaboration. 
  • Is Yoga Open Source? – Ever thought about it? Yes, Yoga could be the first ever open source project. Attendees some ‘one square meter’ exercises and ended the session with meditation. It was a nice and relaxing session in the Student club area. Group photo below.
  • Web performance tuning with Webpack: This talk covered a few performance tuning techniques on how to reduce JS bundle size of web applications. 
  • (My talk) ‘API Testing 101’s: Quick and Easy‘: I was surprised to see a full house for my talk and it looked like everyone followed the talk well. Read further for one of the highlights at the social evening. 😉

Day 2 [4:00 pm CET, Jan 25 2020]:


  • Kubernetes native CI/CD with Prow: Prow is a CI/CD System made in Golang and hosted by a Kubernetes/Openshift platform, that allows you to easily manage your GitHub Repo/Org, Testing and so many others functionalities.
  • ‘Candy Swap’ and ‘Coffee Lovers Meetup’ were two interesting sessions at the Students club area. Find pictures below.
  • Distributed Data Workflows: Pyspark vs Dask‘: “Java trace backs in python code? Really? What can be worse than that? Well, Dask solves that.”
  • Social evening at Fleda, Brno: Evening well spent socializing with other speakers and attendees.
    • Joke: While I was standing next to the desserts section in the food hall, someone came from behind and said “Are you looking for some lemoncheesecake?” 😀 Well, I looked back and said “Thank you for coming to my talk!”. 😉

Day 3 [5:00 pm CET 26 Jan]:


  • Are your legacy selenium tests ready for Selenium4?‘: With the upcoming release of Selenium 4, the Selenium project is moving from a JSON Wire protocol to a W3C protocol for selenium- browser communication.
  • Hallway discussions with Imo and Denise Dumas about topics relating to Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Reinventing home directories‘ by Lennart Poettering: The goal is to have migratable ‘home’ directories. All the way to the point of ‘home’ on a stick. 
  • The day ended with a pop quiz and a thank you note.

And, it’s time for some pictures! yay!

Captured while I was voting for the lightening talks.
At my talk!

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog. Let me know in the comments section below if you liked it. Any feedback or comments appreciated. Thank you. 🙂


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