Selenium Conf 2020 (virtual)

I attended Selenium Conference on Sep 11-12, 2020 and had a chance to connect with the Selenium community virtually. Until now, virtual conferences were not the happy path but for this year that’s the only option we got. I didn’t have any plans to make it to the conference until I got a surprise email in my inbox on Sep 10 (Thursday) night that my lightening talk has been accepted and with that I also got the pass to attend the conference. Woohoo! I had less than 24 hours to realize it as the conference starts next morning at 9:00 am but I was happy about the opportunity!

What was my lightening talk about?

I submitted something different than usual Quality Engineering related topics for my lightening talk this time and surprisingly, it made it to the final 10 talks giving me an opportunity to speak for 3 minutes on the topic: ‘Working from Home and Health’. Below is the screenshot of my submission abstract.

How was my experience at a virtual conference?

This was the first time that I had a chance to attend Selenium conference and also my first virtual conference. The login was smooth, the virtual conference platform was very well thought where it had all the possible sections that we usually have in a conference: a main stage, 3 parallel tracks, lobby where you could grab a seat on a table of 4 and talk virtually to each other, VIP lounge to meet the speakers, Booths by all the sponsors( you could enter the meeting room and speak to the hosts) and a reception. The best part was that there were no major technical glitches in my experience and it was easy to connect with people in the lobby area. 😉 All in all, it was a great show put up! Kudos to the organising team!

Checkout the images below to know how the platform looked like:

Attending talks:

The talks were insightful and I did enjoy the ones I attended, I ‘ll share a bunch of screenshots from the talks I attended below and if you find anything interesting, then you should be able to find the recordings for the same on Youtube.

I appreciate the leaders of the Selenium community to encourage all the attendees to start contributing to Selenium and having an engaging Q & A session towards the end of Day 2.

Q & A with the Selenium Committee

I did join the Selenium slack channel thereafter, and you can find all the information to connect with the Selenium community here:

A few interesting blog posts that I came across recently and are related:

Any feedback or comments appreciated, thank you for reading. 🙂


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