Ministry of Testing (virtual) meetup [July 24, 2021]

To know more about the Ministry of Testing meetup Pune, you can visit the meetup page here.

Screenshot from today’s meetup:

There were over 80+ registrations for the event but we had less than 50% attendance, which is okay given that it is a Saturday morning and a virtual meetup.

What was covered as the part of the 1 hour session?

  • Introduction to Jenkins Pipeline(What and Why)
  • Pipeline syntax – Declarative and Scripted
  • Code snippets to get started, writing your first pipeline.
  • Demo
  • QnA

What did the demo include?

  • Getting started with Pipelines
    • Using the Jenkins Web UI to write Pipeline
    • Configuring Selenium Java repo
    • Publish TestNG reports
  • Configuring your jenkins job with Jenkinsfile checked into your source code repo
    • Parameterize the job
    • Add stages
    • Publish reports 
    • Trigger emails.

How can you get started?

You should be able to convert your freestyle Jenkins job into Jenkinsfile using the below references:

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 🙂


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