Synapse QA Webinar(virtual) [Dec , 2021]

What is Synapse QA?

A community-driven space that aims to support and inspire testers across the globe to believe in themselves and to bridge the gaps between knowns and unknowns! You can know more here.

What did I speak about?

I delivered a talk on the topic: Quality Engineering and the OPEN Road

Talk abstract:

Quality Engineering has evolved over the years but still not the first choice as a career option in technology. I want to emphasise that Quality is everyone’s responsibility and not just limited to people with the word quality in their job title. Here are a couple of aspects that I would like to focus on:
O: Open source tools and technologies (Selenium Python, Cypress, Jmeter, etc.)
P: Progressive (Common testing mistakes/myths, Change in roles and responsibilities)
E: Emerging trends (Shift left, CI/CD, agile, testing in ML, etc.)
N: New opportunities (Learning opportunities for a QE, parallel career options)

You can find the video recording here:

Quality Engineering and the OPEN Road

I also participated in Superreads 2021 and for which my article has been published here:


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